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Yukio Kawahara Shihan

Kawahara Shihan, 8th Dan, was the Technical Director of the Canadian Aikido Federation and the British Columbia Aikido Federation. Shihan passed away peacefully on June 2nd, 2011, at the age of 70.

As Hombu Dojo's long-standing official representative to Canada, living here since 1975, Kawahara Shihan had an enormous influence on the development of Aikido in this country. His impact cannot be overstated.

Kawahara Shihan began practicing Aikido in Osaka in the 1950's as a student of Bansen Tanaka, one of O-Sensei's pre-war students. Before coming to Canada, Kawahara Shihan taught for a period in Taiwan. In Canada, his first two years were spent in Montreal, but he re-located to the West Coast in 1977.

As he lived in Victoria during the last years of his life, Aikido students from the region benefitted greatly from his presence and direction at numerous local seminars. He also travelled and taught widely, directing highly popular seminars around the world. His annual BC summer camp drew participants from across the continent and overseas, and featured such guest instructors as the present Doshu, Fujita, Miyamoto, Masuda, and Osawa Shihans from Hombu dojo, as well as North America-based Shihans like Yamada, Kanai, Chiba, Tohei, and Sugano.

Kawahara Sensei dedicated his entire life to Aikido. He was held in great respect and affection by all who knew him.